Portal Milling Machine Belotti

The Belotti FLA portal milling machine combines the productivity of a milling machine with the high speed and potential of a movable CNC bridge center. The machine is ideal for machining resin and aluminum models as well as cutting composite and plastic materials.
  • Axis travel (X, Y, Z): 4000 x 1800 x 900 mm
  • Accuracy linear axes: X 0.058 mm / Y 0.036 mm / Z 0.02 mm
  • Accuracy rotary axes: +/-0,004° (+/-15″)
  • Material to be machined: Light metals (aluminum, etc.), polymers and wood
  • machining speed: X / Y axis: 80 m/min, Z axis: 60 m/min
  • Tool holder: HSK-A63
  • Prototype construction
  • Tool and fixture construction
  • Manufacturing and finishing of plastic components
  • Manufacturing of assembly jigs

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