Elektro-Stadtauto e.GO Life

To establish and gain acceptance for electromobility, a low-cost city car with the necessary range was to be developed. The vehicle was not only to be developed in Germany, but also to be produced in Germany in the future. An additional challenge was a short development time in order to bring the product to market as quickly as possible.

NEXT e.GO Mobile

Series production of the electric city car e.GO Life started in a newly built plant in Aachen after a development process of only 3 years for the near-series vehicle.


Through innovations in production technology, e.GO Mobile brought an electric vehicle to market that can compete with conventional combustion vehicles in terms of overall costs. Through the consistent implementation of agile working methods and the use of flexible manufacturing technologies, the stakeholders involved at RWTH Aachen Campus, including the Ramp-Up Factory, demonstrated that rapid and cost-effective prototype and small series production is possible in Germany.


The experience gained in the course of prototype construction at the Ramp-Up Factory has been incorporated into the concrete implementation of series production of the e.GO Life.

Particularly in early prototypical development processes, the Ramp-Up Factory has made a significant contribution to enabling highly iterative development cycles and shortening the series start-up process thanks to its flexible manufacturing technologies (e.g. rapid prototyping using additive manufacturing, laser cutting, bending and laser welding). Prototypes were assembled on the lifting platforms of the vehicle assembly lines at the Ramp-Up Factory. Sufficient hall space was available for the assembly of several vehicles. Our customer particularly emphasized the flexibility of the area planning and the fast and short-term rescheduling or support in the event of problems arising at short notice.