Our Offer

With its technical equipment, facilities and extensive hall space, the Ramp-Up Factory enables companies, start-ups and student initiatives to put their project ideas into practice. For example, this can be the entry into electric vehicle production, data-driven production using machine learning or closed-loop production.

Rental Machines

The Ramp-Up Factory enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to forego high investment sums with their rental machines and still use the latest state of the art, drive innovations and conduct research in the field of e-mobility, for example.

Together we will determine your needs for machines and rental days. Arrange a consultation appointment by e-mail or telephone.
Use our rental request form to submit the specific rental request.
We draw up the co-contract. An important prerequisite is the SME status of the tenant according to the EU directive.
Before the start of the rental period, our team will provide safety and machine instruction. The work on the machines is carried out independently by you as the lessee. Access and recording of the machine usage times run via a key management system.
We will invoice you for the recorded machine times after the end of the rental contract.


The goal of our consulting is the successful integration of production engineering solutions and the reduction of production costs in your company. From the sketched idea until the functional product, we undertake services in the research and development area with a focus on vehicle production together with our partners. However, our production engineering know-how is also useful for customers outside the automotive industry.

Our consulting services are divided into three main areas – process development, technological production planning and sustainable production. In addition, individual topics are also addressed.

Our industrial consulting is based on the following success factors:

  • Iterative approach according to agile development principles
  • Workshop-based involvement of our customers
  • Fast learning in the constantly available machine park
  • Training-on-the-job mentality

industrial projects in 2021

Research & Development

We conduct numerous publicly funded research projects in which you can participate. Our research and development activities focus on body construction, additive manufacturing, the use of artificial intelligence in production, and prototype vehicle development. Our machinery completely covers this range of topics – from 3D printers to vehicle assembly lines.

Our development team and technical staff are at your disposal with our manufacturing experience. Working in partnership, we look forward to designing tomorrow’s products with you.


Our focus

Welding process development:
In accordance with customer requirements, we carry out process developments for laser welding, CMT welding and WPS welding

Fixture construction / joining and fixture technology:
We design jigs and fixtures, manufacture the individual elements and assemble the assembly, including measurement and adjustment.

Small batch production:
With an extensive range of machinery from machining to 3D printing, we can manufacture a variety of components from common materials in small batches


accumulated machine hours/year

Prototype Construction

Vehicle development requires a high level of design know-how that goes far beyond conventional methods. With a focus on manufacturing and assembly suitability, circular economy, homologation and reliability, we develop innovative mobility and production concepts as an experienced and agile engineering team (references), implement them prototypically and enable the systemic validation of these concepts in a short time. We bring research and theory into the practice of your company and accompany you from the idea to the tangible realization.


More about prototyping of


Our focus

Component development and manufacturing

  • Concept and feasibility studies
  • Component dimensioning and selection
  • Manufacturing and assembly of components to assemblies


Vehicle development & assembly

  • Conception of vehicle concepts and partial development of modules
  • Pre-assembly and assembly in the complete vehicle
  • From design prototypes to small series production


Mobility concepts

  • Primo and prototype assembly
  • Showroom demonstrators
  • Homologation support


Autonomous driving functions

  • Sensor technology
  • Localization
  • Vehicle control

Guided Tours

The Ramp-Up Factory offers interested parties, especially industrial companies, the opportunity to gain an insight into the infrastructure of the Ramp-Up Factory.

Let yourself be inspired by the manifold possibilities in the Ramp-Up Factory and take the most important findings back to your company.

We offer guided tours in German and English.

Curious? For questions and registrations for our guided tours, please contact us.

Phone:+49 241 80-49327
E-mail: anlauffabrik@wzl.rwth-aachen.de