Laser welding cell

The laser welding cell combines various state-of-the-art components in an automated manufacturing cell. This includes, for example, an RV60-60 vertical articulated-arm robot from Reis, a 180-degree rotary-tilt module, a rotary table for feeding components from the outside, and two laser optics for the robot. Together with the Trumpf TruDisk 4001 solid-state laser, which has high efficiency and exceptionally good beam quality, this enables high-quality, non-contact manufacturing.
Robot cell Reis RV60-60 with rotary table and rotary-tilt table

  • Load capacity at end effector: 60 kg
  • reach: 2.250 mm
  • Part feeding via automatic 180° rotary table RDT40C
  • Part manipulation via turn-tilt table
  • Laser-safe protective booth with certified LaserSpy safety concept based on beam detection in hollow chamber profiles
  • Welding wire feeder Dinse
  • TRUMPF laser power meter
  • Safety device for processing active Li-Ion battery cells


Trumpf TruDisk 4001 solid-state laser

  • Laser power: 4,000 W; Yb: YAG
  • Scanner optics Trumpf PFO3D for remote laser processing with up to 1 m/s feed rate
  • BEOD70 universal welding optics with motorized focus adjustment
Laser welding in car body construction

  • Remote laser welding applications and component manipulation
  • Flexible process chains with plug-in connections
  • Jig less joining with laser welding

Laser applications in electric vehicle production

  • Contacting of battery cell conductors and busbars
  • Contacting of battery management systems
  • Contacting of “Hairpin” copper rods in the electric motor


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