Prototype construction and small series production of battery modules with remote laser beam welding

In this project, a company was supported in its market entry into electromobility by carrying out initial preliminary tests during the development of the battery prototype with regard to the weldability of battery cell connections in the laser welding cell. First dummy battery modules and subsequently active battery modules up to small series production were manufactured in order to establish laser welding technology as a key technology in the production of batteries at the company. Remote laser beam welding offers the advantage of generating a very low energy input into the workpiece and of being highly automated. A further advantage is the possibility of contactless welding.


The aim of the development work was first to determine suitable laser welding parameters for the cell connection of the battery modules and to validate them by means of non-destructive testing (e.g. visual inspection and resistance measurements) and destructive testing (e.g. tensile testing and metallographic microsection examination). Subsequently, dummy but also active battery modules were welded. A suitable fixture was developed and set up for this purpose. Both pouch and prismatic battery cells were welded during the tests. The work carried out is intended to help build up expertise in the field of cell contacting. It is predicted that battery manufacturing will play a key role in automotive production in the long term.