Vehicle Assembly Lines 1 & 2

The vehicle assembly lines are available with different assembly devices for the research of suitable assembly processes in the electric vehicle production. The potentials of weight optimized structures can be optimized here.
Equipment for final vehicle assembly

  • Lifting platforms for vehicles: passage width 2,450 mm, minimum stroke 1,930 mm, load capacity 4,000 kg
  • Manipulators with universal load handling attachments (LMA)
  • Suction lifter
  • Disc assembly table with swivel unit: working surface 1,200 x 1,900 mm, swivel range of the table: 0 – 95 °.
  • Pneumatic screwdriver with torque setting
  • Filling device for brake fluids
  • IP test bench

Equipment for battery installation

  • Trolley for transport: supporting surface: 5.000 x 2.000 x 2.000 mm, height adjustment: 0 – 500 mm
  • Lifting device front and rear axle, installation of batteries
  • Lifting device for front axle/ engine; underbody/ battery unit; rear axle
  • Flexible assembly of underbody, axles, electric and combustion engines for different vehicle classes and models (combustion engines, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles)
  • Lifting devices and concepts
  • IP test bench and LV commissioning
  • Automation levels in assembly

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